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  1. Hi Rolf Suey, I enjoy reading your blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts. You seem to know the offshore marine industry well, what do u think of Kim Heng? Can buy? Share price not moving much after ipo..

  2. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for the reading my blog. I am really grateful. I am definitely not a Guru of the O&M industry, but just another employee within the sector providing insights to readers outside the sector. Responding to your question, I decide to write a post. Refer to link .

    Hope it will be helpful for you. Appreciate if you can continue to find interest in my blog and even register for notifications of new post.

    Thank you once again.


  3. Hi Ricky,
    Thanks for the compliments.

  4. Hi Rolf,
    Ryan here, I commented on your liftboat article the other day.
    I'm acturally very new to the energy industry as an analyst, and liftboat is one of my case study currently. My email is And I'd be happy to send you other information I find later. :)
    Thank you again for your blog and shares!!

  5. Hi Ryan,

    Happy new year to you in 2015. Somehow I miss your comments here. Full apologies for the late reply. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Appreciate it.

    Congratulations to your new career. The Energy industry is so dynamic and vibrant, hope you will like it. Liftboat is an interesting topic, being still relatively new. I am definitely not an expert too, just doing research out of the love in the industry. Therefore forgive me if info/data is not to date or inaccurate.

    I remember someone mentioned that with the plummeted oil prices, new exploration projects will be on hold. Instead existing old platforms will require more maintenance/enhancements, which will demand for more liftboats. Of course I am sure you also know about shallow water activities at a lower cost, which may well suit liftboat players.

    I look forward to hearing from you for exchange.


  6. Hi Rolf

    You wrote excellent posts. I just added you in my blog list :)

  7. Excellent blogs Rolf, I wish I was as organised and could write to the same standard as you. For four years I have been fighting for transparency in Singapore, which is not an easy task and someone just sent me one of your links which I found very interesting . It certainly answers some questions for me.

  8. Hi Rolf Suey Team,

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  9. Hi rolf,

    Glad you seem to be more peaceful and down to earth nowadays. Would like to ask, which church are you currently attending?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thanks for the comments. I apologised if I give you the impression that I am a church goer. I am not. I have never attended a Saturday or Sunday building church service, where there is a pastor talking and the rest of the people sitting and listening.

      Religion is definitely something not for me. Being religious and observe sets of rules in a nice concrete buildings/auditorium are definitely big "no no" for me.

      Note that we cannot seek peace. We can seek righteousness and then peace and joy can comes. Peace comes from being loving and faithful to the most powerful one and the people around us selflessly. And truthfully from the heart. Truth do hurts but many times we do need it to be set free.