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Thank you for visiting my blog!

I am a Singaporean, born in the 1970s experiencing mid-life career crisis at time of writing this blog. One reason to start blogging at an older age, is to break my own comfort zone. While it can be considered late, it is "Better Late Than Never". 

Today, I am grateful to have somewhat good health, family with me, and also have the joy of seeing my kids grow up each day. Together with a reasonably good career, I considered myself happy!

My life started from a humble family with my father receiving a meagre salary and mum as housewife living in a rented 1-room HDB flat. While not exactly the most fortunate growing up in an adverse environment, I am thankful on the life experiences gathered. I am even more grateful to be blessed with a good education and graduated to be an Engineer. 

Somewhere in my Engineering career, I was transferred to sales by accident. This kickstart the climb of my corporate ladder journey, which I did well. As I accumulated more wealth, my health deteriorates. A near-death incident before age thirty, taught me to treasure my health and love ones more. Yet, as quickly as my health recovered, I also disremember the hospitalization lesson fast.

Being young, ambitious, and sometimes ignorant, I yearn for more. Opportunity came, and I leapfrogged to a bigger role sitting at the top of the organisation chart. The scale to peak, took a tumble eventually. It was a failure and it seems to be a bad decision then. Yet, looking back today, it was one of the best things that happened. For without this event, my thinking will not be shaped correctly today. 

From my short life experiences, I learn that there is no such thing as a “Job Security” and "Life is Unpredictable". We need to plan for the worst and live within our means, however we must never neglect to live life to the fullest, since we can only live in one lifetime.

I also realised that it is actually better to make mistakes or have setbacks in life early and learn from them and becoming wiser. Fail, learn and forward and repeat this process to evolve. 

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. " Henry Ford.

This blog advocates the principles of “Know Yourself”, “Find Your Passion”, and “Invest in Yourself” for an enriched life. In fact “Rolf Suey” when it's alphabets rearranged become “Yourself”.


  1. Hey Rolf. I like your post and appreciate your understanding of life! I've just added your blog to my like list. Keep it going!

    p.s i actually went through all the registration steps just to leave this msg, lol

  2. Hi Mark,
    Apologies for late reply as I was traveling. Heartfelt appreciation for the "like!" I am extremely happy that my humble experiences touches you. Thanks for the reminder in the registration. I had already amended. Thanks again.

  3. What an interesting way to start blogging :) enjoy the journey!

  4. Hi Mr. IPO,

    Thanks for commenting.
    Still many things to learn (from many bloggers incl yourself) and long way to go for me. Also look forward to more ipo this year to keep u and readers busy! :-)

    Happy new year ahead.

  5. Hey Rolf Suey

    Can email me at GiraffeValueInvesting@gmail.com I have something for you

  6. hi Rolf,

    interesting blog. seems like, we have quite a few things in common. read in another post that you were in the OTC

    If you don't mind me asking, if its too personal, i can understand if you dont want to reply :)

    which segment of the O&G are you in? upstream or downstream?

    any advice how one is suppose to move from engineering to sales/BD?

    1. Hi FC,

      Thanks for dropping by. It's fine. I am in upstream. :-)

      With little understanding of you/your job, frankly I will humbly say I m definitely in no position to advise.

      My two cents thought will be its not difficult to transit from engineering to BD/sales. But the reason of doing so must be right, not just for monetary consideration.

      The timing must be right as well. Consider if you are entering into sales in 2006 or 2010, you will have a report card with flying colors! And u can learn the most because there are simply many different and diverse projects/enquiries. Now is also possible but depending on the sellability of your products!

      Last and most important, character suitability is important. You ought to like to meet new people and have the energy and drive, creating something out of nothing.

      Hope it helps in one way or another. :-)

    2. Rolf,

      thanks for dropping by my blog, and the advice. =)

      rare to find someone in the upstream side. i can practically count on my fingers the number of Singaporeans i know working in the upstream. i get excited when i bump into fellow countryman whilst working overseas.

      i beg to differ regarding the ease of move into BD/sales. I find the opportunities are far and few. Money, in fact, will be lesser than what i am currently working as.
      In my current job environment, i am usually the odd man out, so it definitely takes effort to interact and meet new people.

      so i guess, it boils down to timing!

    3. Hi FC,

      You are welcome. I appreciate your visit here as well.

      In the current depressed O&G, frankly more redundancies coming soon as I mentioned in my article, let alone opportunities. Of course there are exceptions for eg existing projects started some time back which require operational people still, but I am referring more to broad base.

      I use to work as offshore onboard rigs and vessels more than 10 years ago and usually alone from my company as well. This is before I transit to tech/project then sales/BD.

      I remember there was once during eve of CNY I was onboard an American rig, and no one heard or bother about CNY. I am almost like the lone Chinese.

      But frankly working onboard vessels may not be eventually suitable when our body starts aging. Therefore money wise is good of course with more risk. Probably but the question is how long?

      How you are able to transit smoothly eventually, but now.... tough even for the very experienced sales/BD guy!

  7. haha.. i can still remember, my first CNY offshore was the most miserable. nothing can prepare you for your virgin offshore life.

    my sentiments exactly, there is only a limit to how much one can work offshore, i don't think i can do this for more than 10 years. physically and mentally strenuous. a lot of folks don't see the dark side, they just hear the glamorous stories of big fat paychecks. But i do take off my hat for those who can work offshore till 50-60s.

    Anyway, enough of kopitiam chit chat and dwelling in nostalgia on your blog. Lest it bores your reader.. All the best for the rest of 2016 and we all get through this downturn.