Thursday, 18 June 2020

Will Silver Explodes in Price?

Silver is at its all-time low price compares to gold. The gold-silver-ratio which is the price of gold over the price of silver per oz is close to 100 now. Gold price is USD1720 and silver at USD17.3 per oz currently. 


And if you look at historical chart below, gold-silver-ratio at the end 1979 to 1980 is as low as 15 to 20. This means that if one day, the situation goes back to be the same in 1980s, and assuming gold price is at current level of >1700USD per oz, then silver price will actually rise more than 5 times to >USD85 per oz.

Refer to Mike Maloney (founder of recent youtube video, and with charts and screens extracted as below, then silver now represents only 0.011% of global wealth compared to 0.268% of global wealth in 1980.

And government inventories of silver are also at all time low for the past 15 years below 50 million oz.

Can there be a chance that one day silver may explodes in pricing?

Perhaps chances may be low but nothing is impossible, consider that no one did predict that the world will shut down for months due to the pandemic!

What do you think?



  1. I first started going into Silver 11 yrs ago due to this same Gold/Silver ratio story.

    I blogged about this 2 yrs ago:

    Surprise that this same old Gold/Silver ratio story still exist.

    No regret converting all my Silver investment into stock markets around 5 years back :D

    1. Thanks for the honesty.

      Haha..... I sort of have the same feeling!

      But I use my precious metals as hedge during crisis, which gold did return profit, but not silver. And allocation of stocks, metals and cash should be in percentage.

      The story will always exist, and it took once in 3 decades to explode. Perhaps too long.

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