Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Rolf's Updates - My Priorities in Life - Health, Finance, Family, Friends & Hobbies – 2019 2Q

Without specific reason, I was prompted to update my blog. While deliberating for a topic, it struck me that my last H2F3 updates was 3-4 months ago. 

Refer here for what does H2F3 (Health, Hobbies, Family, Finance & Friends) means.

Refer here for Q12019 H2F3 update.

So here I am, writing to update 2019Q2 H2F3. At the day of writing this article, I was reading Ray Dalio’s Book “Principles: Life and Work. One section of the book told about the “first principle of life”. It is summarized as.

·      Think For Yourself to decide:
1.     What do you want,
2.     What is true,
3.     What should do to achieve #1 in light of #2.

You can also refer here for my previous blog on Ray Dalio’s video.

I added these principles into my H2F3 priorities.


Generally good with no sickness. Nonetheless my son is sick lately, but thank God, his health is restored completely now.

What I want: Maintain my BMI 23-24. Standing at 178cm, this will require me to be ~75 Kg. I am currently at my heaviest at 80Kg. Time to slim down! I had been exercising regularly all my life. So the physical exercise part is not so difficult. I still frequent the gym for reasonable muscular exercise. For aerobic part, I played table tennis and swim regularly. The most challenging part for me is controlling my diet! Dinners from work commitments, and late night suppers does not help. Time to resist these temptations! For my spiritual health, I read the bible and pray daily. But lately, due to lack of time, I am not devoting as much time as I will like. Quite frustrated with that too. Last but not least, rest and sleep is lacking since the start of the year due to work! Yes, I yearn to catch up with that too.


Family always takes precedence over my work.  I am thankful for my beautiful family. And then, my wife has priority over children. It is obvious to me that, without the husband and wife in unity, the kids will not be taught well.

With both of us parents working, and huge household members of kids, parent-in-law and helper, it is uphill task to juggle so many things smoothly. Every family has problem, mine is no difference. The difference we can make is the need to learn how to accept and deal with family-friction righteously. Forgiveness is so important in order that small friction will not become big problems. So far, I must say we are doing really well as a family. Although emotions can be elevated occasionally, but all is still very well managed.

As for husband and wife relationship, it is important to spend quiet personal time together without the kids. My wife and me will apply leave once in a while on a Monday afternoon to go for nice lunch, movie and KTV. And occasionally we will go for late night drinks when kids are asleep.

Parenting is always a big part of my life. Seeing your kids growing up is pure joy. Teaching and disciplining them is not easy but essential. For the last months, I had been working on PPT slides to summarize my previous blog writings. As I mentioned in my blog’s purpose (refer here), my blog will be a diary of teachings for my children when they grow up.

Separately, I also spend time regularly to train all my kids in table tennis, and my primary schooler is improving really fast to the satisfaction of her school coach. With her focus in sports, somehow her school work and discipline level also improved as feedback from her school teachers.

This week Monday is Youth Day holiday. While my wife is working, I took a day off to bring my kids out for movie. They were overjoyed. I am overjoyed too, when they are!

What I want: Wife to be able to stop working eventually or in an environment with more time mothering our kids. Implement my PPT teaching slides as a regular home class with my kids. Say at least 3h per week at different levels. I wanted my kids to build continuously a very strong character with love, peace and joy. They must honor their parents, love and help their family members, at least be average in studies, have fantastic relationships with friends and excel in cca. Then with these “fruits” shown, expand my teachings to relatives/friends’ kids.

And I need to keep on learning to be a Good Husband and a Good Father! This, to me, is more difficult and more important than being rich and famous!


I am still in the same company. Group is not doing well, but locally we are still ok. I got a bigger role recently with expanded co-workers in an expanded regional coverage. You can call it  promotion without salary adjustments. But, it is not really what I want, but I have to accept it professionally due to the circumstances the company is in now. Time management in my life became more critical nowadays. 5 years from now, I hope to have a change in my career to do something of my own. We shall see.

Investments / loan
Portfolio wise, I target to grow 7-8% per annum. This growth is steady in the last years. Last quarter, Bitcoin has been my stellar performance. It grew from 2% of total portfolio to 6% due to BTC tripling. I also added more silver and shares of Raffles Medical. Currently,  I am 39% Cash, 37% metals 6 % crypto 9% shares 9% bonds. CPF and properties excluded.

In 5 year’s time, I hope to have with returns to sustain 50% household expenses. I also wish to pay down mortgage loan to less than 15% of property market value in 5 years’ time, with mortgage covered by income from other rental flat(s). Reckon it is achievable, as long as I am still working in the next 5 years.  

Teaching syllabus for kids
As mentioned earlier, I will like to finish my PPT Teaching Syllabus for my kids and perhaps within 5 years, expands the teachings for the benefits of others.

Charitable acts
Continue to apportion a part of money for charitable acts each month. Lately, I committed to contributing for my niece overseas education monthly expenses. My sister use to support me during my university days, and when I mentioned I will support my niece, my sister is so touched.


Friends are very important to me. Gatherings with relatives and friends are taking place regularly. No matter how busy I am, I will find time to initiate catch up with my good friends.  My social circle expanded with my involvement in the table tennis circle. Due to the expanded role in work, I will also get to be closer with more new colleagues.


Signed up for the Singapore Table Tennis League competition in Div 4 of the 7th Div. Will try to play at least once a week with friends, and once a week training for my kids. Similarly, once a week for gym, and once a week for leisure swimming. Reading bible is daily. Will try to read at least 1  book per quarter. Continue to blog at least 1 article per month.


Health - Not as good as I wanted. Grow heavier and more restless. Time to slim down.
Hobbies – Good to pick up table tennis again for myself and also for coaching my kids.
Family – Not too bad, as we still spend lots of time together.
Financial – Not too bad as my job seems pretty secured, but tired at times.
Friends – Not much changes. Still catching up with friends frequently.

Ok, enough said. I prayed for the blessings of love, peace and joy be upon all my friends and readers here. Bye for now. :-)