Saturday, 15 October 2016

Good Fruits in Life - The Righteous Way (Part 2)

Earlier in Part 1, I talk about embracing the truth as one aspect of Good Fruits in Life. In this article, I will mention briefly on the path we should take to enjoy the true good fruits.

Desire, discipline and hardwork just a pre-requisite

Very often we hear many successful people saying that we ought to have desire and the discipline to achieve the desired positive result. Yes indeed that these attributes are the pre-requisite of the “Good Fruits” in life. Without desire and discipline, it's like an engine that is obsolete and cannot even start! Then you need hardwork (opposite of laziness), which is aliken to the oil for the engine and the need of forbearance for the engine to drive long distance. Then, with the said factors as pre-requisites, you are ready to start your journey to the kingdom of life.

I am not sure if you realize that sometimes these factors may even just come to you as if you are led by a particular spirit that suddenly “one day” you are totally transformed and becoming suddenly extremely discipline and hardworking on a particular matter. Yes, just like that….

Results matters

Then you start to learn. You learn by reading or from a teacher / instructor. But, strangely, even with all the right mix of attributes of desire, discipline and hardwork, you still NEVER ever seem to get the results you wanted. 


Below are few verses I recently told someone close, 

"What is the use of reading and learning, if we do not understand. 

What is the use of understanding if we do not believe and have faith. 

What is the use of believing if we do not do it. 

What is the use of doing, if we do not get results."

So during reading and learning, if you do not understand, don't pretend you do and lie to yourself. Ask more questions and delve and dig deeper! 

Then there will be those who already understand but lack self-beliefs. When you lack faith and self-beliefs normally you will be fearing of failure and tend not to take action. 

Without a doubt, only with action can we get the result. So if you do not take action, where is the result? Review the results and look back again.... 

The righteous path

For any result to be sustainable and fruitful, it needs to achieve via righteousness means. Then it will be a "result" obtained with respect, honor and glory filled with love, peace and joy. 

On the contrary if the result is achieved by unrighteousness, immorality, covetousness, jealousness, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness, haughtiness, self-seeking ambitions, self-glory, dissensions, boastful, proud, bad tongues, backbiters, violent, hatred, indignation, anguish, impartiality, false witness, disobedient to parents, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful etc, then it shall only be short term prosperity and temporary pleasure, for in the long term it is usually extremely destructive! 

False temporary goodness

The kind of result being filled with any one of the aforementioned bad attributes is what I called "False Goodness". Yes, even what you may have think as the non-sinful, self-seeking ambition or jealousness or covetousness etc, it will still result in false goodness leading to undesirable results. 

You do not believe? Just open your heart and eye in unity and take a good look at the people around.

This is extremely important to know, because many people are veiled. It is due to the blindness caused either by ignorance, emotion or greed. Read : Crisis – Is it really useless to know it earlier?

To sum it up "Self-Love" leading to the Love of Money and Pleasures" in this world which is the principal cause of problems.

You can own a huge business or holding high corporate position, wealthy and successful in the eyes of this world. You can even be a powerful Political or Religious figure.

It will not stop the fact that you can be totally blinded from the TRUTH. 

You gain in material wealth and achieve high social status. You did lots of high profile public charity because other rich ones are doing also. You wanted to show public your benevolence side where deep down in your heart, it is the to glory and praises for yourself that you are seeking. You seem to be unaware that TRUE CHARITY is anonymous and low profile. 

You are led by the "evil spirit" controlling your soul and your body. 

Therefore in spite of what you have tangibly, and if the material wealth is achieved via any unrighteousness methods aforesaid, it is undoubtedly that the END LONG TERM RESULT will be ugly. It almost led to bad health of failed relationships or aloofness to the people around you. 

1) Bad health. Sickness surrounds. Fears and worries leading to interrupted sleep or nightmares. Your routine meal is always accompanied by vitamins, supplements and medicines. You thought that you lack exercise and is disciplined to "jog your way out of illness". Unfortunately supplements, medicines and exercise do not help!

2) Soured family relationships. Division with spouse and children rebel against the parents and going astray eventually. Even if children do not rebel openly, they will likely to have lots of problems in their lives that give their parents so many worries. Yes, definitely more problematic than the issues you can face in work.

3) Aloofness. The rose in material wealth also raises pride, that inevitably drifted relationships with genuinely good friends and relatives. You started to have great insecurity due to the wealth you have. You fear that others may take advantage of you even if they are not. You are always skeptical and wearing a mask. 

Even if during this lifetime, if you reckon your life is very good as a result of unrighteousness and unscrupulous way, it is written and proven that the evil curse will transgress to your next generation. 

The real fruits we want 

Beware of envying those who only show the good side of their lives. For inwardly they may have same, if not, more problems in their lives.

The true fruits of life are love, joy, peace, tolerance, kindness, benevolence, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. And these harvests require discipline and hardwork as the seeds led by some kind of “spirit within”.

Then in embracing the TRUTH in life, couple with righteousness and the inheritance of the fruits, I can assure that even when you may not be the wealthiest, you will have no lacking in life. 

Last but not least, we need to share our fruits with people around us. This shall not be limited to just our own family and friends, it shall be extended to neighbors and strangers as well. 

Finally, let there be no temptations of evil deeds for your fruits will eventually wither.


  1. Very true ...for the Holy Spirit give us a choice, so we are given a choice to choose HIS righteousness but the evil spirit of the world comes to only tempts us.
    The spirit of righteousness in us bear good fruits that last not only on earth but till eternity unlike the evil spirit that only last for a moment's in life and it leads to many sorrows..

    1. Hi wenzoe33,

      We are always given a choice in life. Just like most parents no matter how they discipline their children, eventually they will still give the children choices because they love them. But it's always up to the children to rebel or to obey the parents.

      If the rebellious child one day realise the outside world is too evil n get him/herself into many problems, he/she learn lesson and come back for repent or either become incorrigible. Either ways, the parents will still love the children.

      I as a parent, I can vouch that no matter what I always love my kids. And I always want my child to live the righteous way to enjoy love peace and joy more than anything else!

      But whether they are able to enjoy these "fruits" it depends a lot on their self also if they choose light or darkness!


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  3. Thanks for the meaningful post. Seems like you have hit an "ah ha" moment in life and I'm glad the impact has led to a positive transformation in your views of the world! Keep up the good work! Kudos to you!

    1. Hi Kelvin,

      Thanks for your kind words. May all good things befall on you too!



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