Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Good Fruits in Life - Embracing the Truth (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered why you are that someone who never seems to achieve the results you desired in life? You are not a bad person, abide by the law, hardworking and quite intelligent but why is it so, that you are not as successful or even happy in life? 

Blinded from the TRUTH!

Over-reliance on self
First and foremost, ask yourself if you are someone who TRULY loves to embrace the TRUTH in life. Or are you someone who has over-indulgence in self-beliefs i.e. own thinking, own experiences, and own will.  You are always so obstinate in what your believe, and relying on your own will and experiences only, rather than putting extra time and effort into delving to the true Root Cause of the problems and learn from the TRUTH with actions? 

I had known many people who are very nice and soft-spoken outwardly, but inwardly, they can be one of the most stubborn people around. They always only believe in themselves, even without justifications or when the TRUTH had already proven them wrong, they still think that they are right. 

So can these groups of people really be saved, even though they are kind-hearted and never do anything evil? Actually these are the people who in fact sinned heavily and while they are nice, kind-hearted and law-abiding, their lives are normally not the smoothest. Ultimately, it is because of their “ego” or their “fear of being hurt” that is causing the damage. I knew many people in real life in belong to this category, who underwent either dramatic health issues or a broken marriages in life.

Very frequently, they themselves may not even know they are being stubborn because they are veiled  by the evil spirits, and thinking that they are “righteous and just", merely because they have never created any problems for others and always try to approach every problem relying only upon their own will. Nonetheless, these are the people who also rarely initiate a helping hand for others, for they are more self-centred. 

Follow “false teachers”
Then there will be those who follow the "false teachers" and seek refuge in so many other wrong places and using countless excuses to cover up the TRUTH so that they can continue to be status quo, and be blinded, rather than to change, take action and improve. 

For instance, there can be this public person who is deemed by many as rich, successful and full of wisdom (fake wisdom). You wanted to be like him, primarily because of your desire to become wealthy (materially) and be as influential as him. Ok, you then be pretentious and always wear by the lips that whatever you learn is not for the money, although it is always only about the money! I called  the teacher, the preacher of prosperity in the name of the TRUTH. 

Due to this primarily desire, your "gut spirit" of discerning "right or wrong" is diluted because of greed. Without this spirit of discernment, you subconsciously become "blinded" and neglect that your "teacher" actually has evil hidden agenda, bad ethics and a very distasteful character. 

It is either you say: I know but who cares as long as the person is successful? Or you are totally ignorant and do not bother thinking that nothing will go wrong because of the "successful false teacher". 

The root cause of the blindness, as I mentioned before is due to the Love of Self! 

Anyway, evil deeds never bear lasting good results. There are just so many examples in real lives, that I hate to reveal here. 

"As the water recedes, the rock appears!"

Then the final revelation will come that this person whom tens or hundreds of thousands look up to, including you, is a crook. Judgment comes to this evil person and those who followed so closely the teachings of him/her are also cursed and will meet their judgments too.

Now the radical truth comes to light to you. It is either you are shocked and renounce all his/her teachings, confess, repent and turn over a new leaf. Or you are already so deep in "poisoned" that you cannot see anything unethical even after the revelation. You still murmured tonnes of excuses to cover the truth and continue move towards the wrong path. Eventually due your continual stubbornness to sin, you will also experience your own miserable fate too.

How to know the TRUTH? 

You may ask. How to know the Truth then? 

Beware of “false teachers” 
First beware of false teachers, who come in sheep's clothing. Have discerning abilities based on righteousness rather than your self-seeking glory. 

Remember to stop locking yourself in the prison called "self" otherwise it will be extremely difficult to achieve righteousness.  For you in the human flesh are always only self-conscious and world-conscious and never TRUTH-conscious and care for others. It is always only about yourself. Sounds familiar? 

Look at the heart 
A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. The words and actions reveals. Therefore he/she who does evil, even if he/she appears good and successful now, does not mean that he/she will be good forever.

Look at the fruits
A truly good person produces good sustainable results, but a bad man produce bad results and eventually will be condemned. Most times, even if he/she appears good in this lifetime, his/her next generation will not be spared as a result of his/her current wicked doings. 

Eg A wealthy and powerful man/woman who committed many sins has a broken family or bad health or is a very lonely deep down. The sin is not necessary unlawful. Even covertness or self-seeking can be a sin for that matters. 

Anyway even if his/her family or health is intact, his/her children are all rebellious and cannot get along with one another. 

And even if the children may appear in harmony when the parents are alive, they will start to slander one another immediately after the deceased of the parents.

Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

Rolf’s thoughts

Now the question to ask? Will you still aspire the life of a "deemed" successful person who only depicts part of the success (both tangible and intangible), or do you prefer a more holistic success in life.

Remember bad trees cannot bear good fruits. You plant the same seed, you will get the same fruit.

Sometimes, it's even easier to look and learn from a person you know in real life who truly lead a peaceful and joyful life with family and kids all in harmony, and always righteous, kind and helpful towards others and yet have no lacking. 

Perhaps, this is the real kind of seed we need to plant our tree so that we can enjoy the true good fruit.

To be continued…


  1. Also have to note what the person says, for "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."

    Half-jokes reveal a lot about the underlying attitudes of the person.

    1. Hi UN, if the heart and mouth is aligned, of course. But what good if the tongue is saying one, while the heart is for another.

      For if you have the true gut feeling, can't you tell eventually if the heart and lips are not aligned?

  2. This begs the question how much is D N A and how much is Nurture?
    Can Nurture really influnece DNA?
    If so to what extend?

    How about people who are born blind, mongoloid, spastic, developed brain disease (mental health problems)......etc

    How much nurture can help them?

  3. Gents,

    Thank you for the comments. Interesting thoughts, but it has drifted and the topic of discussion now is probably quite sensitive to be public here.

    Perhaps for this topic, it will be more appropriate to share face-to-face to people closer to us and who know us in person. And hope that in the process by improving their lives. And if it causes any form of bitterness, then the fault is from the one who share.

    So in this case, it is me who is in wrong. I acknowledge and apologize and I take most of the blame. I am truly sorry.

    As such, this will only be the first time I am going to delete legitimate comments by my fateful readers.

    In any case, I sense righteousness in the comments and may all of you be blessed!

    I am sorry once again.

  4. i am so sorry but that's only me. I hope I have not cause any ill feelings.

  5. No ill feeling for me. yeah, I noe a little bit of u thru ur comment. ;-) likewise u noe my pattern also. I am sure no bitterness for Yaruzi also.

    It's good hear more n Just that topic may be sensitive in public.


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