Monday, 30 November 2015

My Portfolio - Recent Actions

It has been a quiet week in terms of blogging. This is mainly because of my traveling last week in Europe and apparently, I am flying off to China again in few hours’ time. 

My last real stock portfolio update was on 22 Aug, here. Since then I had sold most of my stock holdings to sit on a more than 60% cash position now. The cash includes E funds. I also updated my Total portfolio, which includes property and other financial assets here in Sep.

As you can see, it's been awhile since I updated my portfolio. You probably will also see less of my portfolio updates as I progress in my blogging journey. In particular, stock buys and sells details will not be explicit. The whole idea is for the blog to be more “educative” in nature, and reduce ‘manipulative” impact to a minimum.

Anyway, some of my recent buy actions as follow. I will not update the sell since 22 Aug, because there are seriously quite a fair bit of them. Moreover most of the sell actions are not strictly related to fundamental deterioration of the company’s performance per se. 

It is more associated to my need to have more cash in view of the current hazy economic conditions. This is especially relevant due to the depressed Oil and Gas industry that I am working in, which sees job cuts everywhere. Furthermore the extra cash will come in handy when Market takes a dive, for me to buy good companies at cheaper prices.  

Singapore Saving Bond (SSB) - Sold Oct SSB (2.63% ave ret) to buy into the Nov SSB (2.78% ave ret) due to the better spread in Nov. This is after taking into account the trading fees incurred and it was still worthwhile to do so. For info, the 3rd tranche upcoming in Dec will have 2.44% ave return. 

Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) - Topped up my SRS to enjoy tax rebate on my next income tax. To me, everyone who pays income tax and has excess cash to plan for retirement should consider to topping up their SRS account.

Stocks Buy

Starhub (SRS) - Averaged down existing holding and to continue receive a relatively good yield for income. Other reasons are related to my 3 beliefs in this stock. First, the belief that Starhub will eventually spread her wings into overseas market (just like Singtel). Second, the “reluctant” belief that our government will turn Singapore into a 6.9 million populous island by 2030 with more Starhub subscribers. Yes, even after the addition of more Telco operators. Third, eventually the subscription fees will only go up and not down! 

Keppel DC Reit (SRS)  - The belief that the future world will be more extensively data-connected!

ARA Asset Mgt - Sold off entirely in Sep at a higher price. Buy back again at a lower price and also lower volume now, comparatively. This is after ARA announced 18 for 100 rights. Will continue to buy more if price slides again. My confidence in John Lim, CEO of ARA is still unshaken. Refer here and here for my articles related to John Lim.

Global Logistic Property – Mostly for speculative reason, since this is one stock that helped me generate good returns via trading buy and sell before.


  1. Hi Rolf

    I am thinking of selling DC Reit. The dividends is much lesser than IPO projection when I bought.

    1. Hmm... so you believe in projection? Haha...

      Sell to me without the trading fees then.. :-)

      Maybe can check out how resilient this stock is even during the day when stock markets drop the most this year?