Sunday, 28 December 2014

人生不会苦一辈子….. 爱情保卫战, 涂磊

Inspired by Jared from “Singapore Man of Leisure” blogpost here, I decide to write a post with Chinese Heading. No intention to pay SMOL copyright fees...haha.. I am sure he does not want either. 

Unlike him, who documented Alibaba Jack's Ma famous philosophy, I herein document a phrase from a relatively unknown (to Singaporeans at least) 涂磊He said the below phrase which leaves a deep impression on me. 


Translated in English as follows, although the wordings are not as meaningful as derived from Chinese character.

“In life, you will not suffer forever, but you will definitely suffer for a period of time. If you run away from short term sufferings, you will definitely suffer forever!”  

爱情保卫战 - A TV Serial on "Love Preservation"

Who is 涂磊?

During one of my business trips in China, I chanced upon this Chinese TV show 爱情保卫战.It is a reality show presenting couples who faced relationship problems and seek help publicly on TV. The couples' problems will be brief, before a panel of expert commentators give their views and advices helping to resolve the couples’ love life issues.  

涂磊 is one of key teachers/ commentators in the show who I look upon to. At the same time, he is also TV hosts for other programs. 

How real is the reality show, is not my primary concern. I am more intrigued to find out the typical problems couples faced, and the valuable advice from the teachers to improve and sustain a relationship.  

If you are interested on this reality show, please refer to link here . Alternatively you can click below on one random episode. 


  1. “In life, you will not suffer forever, but you will definitely suffer for a period of time. If you run away from short term sufferings, you will definitely suffer forever!


    My Donkey years of suffering seem to be over.

    Read? Donkey, Dog, and Monkey years!

    1. Hi CW,

      Really love your Animal stories. Donkey, Dog, Monkey, Horse, Cow, Pig etc..... It is so meaningful. But I still do not understand what is grasshopper laughing?

      Read CW

  2. Was with friends and we were giving advice to another friend in his 20s about his job. His job was not the easiest but great future and lots to learn and pay was to his satisfaction. He wanted to resign.

    Cited from experience, we told him that in a job/ biz, the point when you feel most like resigning or giving up, do not resign and if you persist through, you will see rainbow eventually.

    This is provided that your co is still able to pay you salary, your boss is not picking on you everyday n prospects not zero. The rest of the problems related to colleagues and job itself is probably not the most critical.

    Unless you already succeeded, and decide to move on to next higher level.


    1. Hi Rolf

      Thank you for this post.

      I notes that you mentioned that the rest of the problems related to colleagues and job itself is not the most critical. May i ask if you can elaborate further? Work wise,I am satisifed. Pay wise, can be better but it is compensated with the work satisfaction. I persisted after I had thoughts of resigning but in the end, I resigned after a decade with the same management.

    2. Hi LC,

      Relating to you questions, I cannot pretend that I am guru in advising, because I not not.

      Instead, I written a blog "reasons to stay" to present personal experiences encountered. Hopefully it helps in some way. Refer below..

      I will write on part 2, justifiable "reasons to resign" in due course.


  3. Rolf,

    China got some interesting programmes!

    I like the Phoenix Satellite TV for their political and economic shows when I was in Shanghai ;)

    I always tease my Mainland Chinese friends when asked which is my favourite city in China?

    I always say it's Hong Kong.


    1. Hi SMOL,

      I agree Phoenix TV is nice also. But they talk very fast....

      China is improving now. In the 90s, I only watch one Chinese serial and that is "Monkey god" . The rest are terrible even up to 2000s and beyond.

      I will use your trick about HK as favorite city next time. Its a good one. Haha....

      Now I ask you. Which is your fav city excl. HK? LOL.....

    2. Rolf,

      This will be tough.

      If it's the most livable city, it will be hands down Xiamen. Qingdao is a close second.

      If it's wine, women, and song, it will have to be Shanghai.

      Now you know why I like HK - it has both!

      Good times :)

    3. That is why you are SMO LEISURE! Haha LOL

  4. Hi Rolf,

    There is another saying 吃得苦中苦,方为人上人。 So if no suffering first, then will not learn cherishing. Then may end up in eternal suffering later.


    1. Hi PIF,

      Yeah. Then again, I just ask my daughter if she want to suffer? She said NO. NO NO NO.....! Haha LOL


    2. Hee Hee,

      Those of us who are not defensive or shy about our Cheena roots are all here :)