Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Month of Travel - China, UK, Brazil

China Trip

After two weeks of In-Camp Training, I am straight back to action at work for the past week. My colleagues and I had a challenging outing in Shanghai. We negotiated a contract with more than ten clients. Throughout the meeting which lasted several days, we were bombarded with demanding requests, often unreasonable too. Nevertheless, we kept our cool and got the first of the two agreements signed this week. The second and more complicated agreement is to be discussed in due course.

This explains why there had been nothing to shout about in my blog last week.

In any case, even if I managed to write any blog articles, it is not possible to access blogspot while in China. For those who had never been to China and do not know, the only internet search engine is Baidu 百度. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Blogspot, Bloomberg etc are all blocked by the local authorities.

Short Rest and then back to China again

This weekend I am back home for a short break before returning to China again tomorrow. The destination of the coming trip is Qingdao for the purpose of final negotiation of another important project.

Both projects in China aforementioned had discussions started early last year. The journey for both projects is not easy. It comes with failure of related project earlier, frequent unanticipated changes from the clients coupled with drinking and vomiting sessions. What is unforgettable includes a car ride of more than ten hours on extremely foggy and dangerous roads. Now, I am happy that the finishing line is within sight. The combined value of both contracts is over S$40 million and I really hope to ink the contract soonest. After which, I will take a deserved break.  

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas A. Edison

Back at home this weekend, I managed to spend valuable time with my family. I also attended a wedding dinner where my tuition student of ten years ties the knot with her husband. Also present is another student of mine for four years. Both of them in their mid-twenties are doing exceptionally well now. I am so proud of them.

London and Rio, Here I come

The week after next is another business trip yet again. Absolutely no breather for me! On a brighter note, it should be a trip less demanding, except for the very long distance I need to fly. I am actually a little excited this time which is abnormal. Normally I do not fancy overseas business trip, since I had quite enough over the past ten years. 

My first destination is to UK London stopping by for a day, before heading to Brazil Rio De Janeiro to attend an exhibition. I am excited since it will be my first time in UK. Moreover I really like Brazil for its sunny, relaxed and carefree mood. My last visit to Brazil three years ago was also a very memorable one too.

For now, Good Bye Singapore. 

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