Saturday, 5 April 2014

Secrets Of Success - Brian Tracy

Some time back, I had come across a very interesting Youtube video from Brian Tracy, a famous American motivational speaker and author. 

The video is titled Secrets of Self-Made Millionaire. In this post, I had intentionally changed the title to "Secrets of Success". The reason being while I admired the rich, I do not advocate success stemming only from being wealthy. Since the video is lengthy, I had summarized the key points as follows. 

Law of Cause and Effect

Success leaves tracks. If you follow the footsteps of successful people, you can be successful as well. Nothing is more irritating to see someone dumber than you but making more money than you. This is not because they are vastly smarter or more talented but it is because they are just following proven success methods. Hence you have to find out the success method, learn from it, apply what you learn and practice it over and over again.

Nothing Works the First Time

What is the average times people fail before they become successful? Answer is less than one! This is because they did not even try or start, hence how can they fail? People often move to someday isle. “someday I will start saving money, someday I will loose weight, someday I will go to gym, someday I will start a business, someday I will get serious about my finances etc. 

Sense of Control and Coherence 

To be happy and healthy, you need to have a feeling that you are in control your life and have a sense of coherence (logic and consistency) – a feeling that all things fit together.

Nature is Neutral

Nature does not care your race, religion or what kind of people you are. It means that the world is fair and everyone has 24 hour a day, it boils down to what you do to produce what kind of results.

Becoming the self-made millionaire is not important, what is important is the person you have to become to be a self-made millionaire.

In order to achieve something that you never achieve before, you have to become someone you are never before.

Qualities of a Self-Made Millionaire
  • All skills are learnable
  • Dream big dreams
  • Do what you love
  • Commit to excellence
  • Goal Oriented
  • Failure is not an option
  • Lifelong learning
  • Develop workaholic mentality
  • Get around the right people
  • Be prepared to climb from peak to peak
  • Develop resistance to bounce back
  • Become a unshakable optimist
Here is the video....

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