Saturday, 11 November 2017

Think right and live right

A lot of times, we upgrade ourselves by learning a new skill in order to be more knowledgeable.

We tend to focus on what the “upgrade” can do for us externally. For instance, the focus is to have a pay raise, to receive a promotion, to get a better job or maybe even because it is fun and interesting. This type of “upgrade” is usually an “outside in” changes. It is normally temporary.

The most important change is normally not to externally add a skill to achieve a “job title promotion or salary increase”. It is to change the way we think. In other words, our mindset changes from inside out and not outside in.

If you attended a course, and it changes the way you think from inside out, then this change will be permanent.

Many courses do the opposite. It starts from the outside. What you wear, what you eat and drink, what places you go to and who you mingle with and try to make us good by changing the external. But it does not work.

We need to be changed inside out. Once we are changed in the way we think, we will be changed in the way we live.

You cannot think right and live wrong.

You cannot think wrong and live right.

The way you think determines the way you live. We need to have a renewed mind.

The essential feature of the people of this current age is that they are self-centered. They always face issues of every decision from “what will this do for me? what will I get out of this?“

When our mind is renewed, you are normally not self-centered. You tend to put yourself more into other’s people’s shoes because of your empathy, care and concern for others.

Then you will see things in from a bigger perspective. The big picture suddenly becomes crystal clear. You become more holistic and definitely wiser.

A self-centered person can be clever and earns lots of money.

But a wise person makes the most out of life.

Your choice?


  1. i tend to avoid “what will this do for me? what will I get out of this?“ people.

    It's not so easy or clear cut as U can not choose your relatives.

    1. Hi temperament,

      Long time no see, hope all is great! Ya, there are things in life we cannot choose and things we can.

      Hopefully we can change them, by our actions. Not so easy, I know.
      What I did it in work, where the more they want, the more I give, until they also paiseh. Bcos they know I not stupid but how come keep giving w/o anything in return.

      Later I shared testimony with them and pray for them, and it somehow changed them & our relationships strengthened.

      Still, it is not easy for human effort. :-)

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  3. Hi Rolf, looks to me that you have arrived at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs - Self-Actualization - for a while now. Congratulations. Looking forward to read more about your thoughts.

    So true, everything starts with a thought. If we cannot change the very fabric of our thoughts we will never be able to change reality, and will never, therefore, make any progress.
    Spending time in mindful thoughts might be a good investment for everyone.
    But thinking can be very upsetting for me. It tells me things I’d rather not know.

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