Sunday, 29 October 2017

Rolf's Updates - My Priorities in Life - Health, Finance, Family, Friends & Hobbies.

It's been awhile since I last blogged. Apparently, this is only my 6th article this year. During my blogging heydays, regularly 6 or more articles per month is commonplace. Anyway a lot of good things take place since 1 year ago. I reckon I did not miss much, except for the missing all my blogger friends, my loyal readers or even for those who do not really like my blog. :-)  

My life was completely transformed since 1 year ago. It is as if it is no longer I who live. That the spirit of life and truth is taking the lead in my life nowadays. All the things I like to do from before, I no longer enjoy. It is also evident to people around me, that my relationships with people around me improved so much.

I also no longer set my sight in material success. You may think that I am bragging, but I am not. People around me can vouch to that. I truly believed and commit to the fact that as long as I set my sight on the right things in life, all the rest shall be added to me abundantly.

By some coincidental arrangements, I met with many people these days and spend a lot of time talking to people to unveil to them the truth of the world. In a way, some forces are using me as an instrument to guide those people I met to the true purpose in our life. The meetings were never intentionally organized or initiated by me, and it was always so joyful.

Talk is cheap and I cannot prove it here. Perhaps do not have to prove also lar… Any I do have plenty of testimonies from messages received. For those whom I have chance to meet, I will show it to you. Anyway I just want to reinforce the point that “their lives change” for the better. Also, by no means it is my effort or even what I will do from before, consider that I am a very practical and meritocratic person. It is just a “miracle”.  

Since then, I stopped blogging but instead spend even more time reading, listening and writing “alternative articles of life” and distributing them to friends via emails and messages. I written hundreds of articles thus far, more than when I was blogging. My social circle not only grew but with the kind of relationships that are based on sincerity and self-less love with no personal agenda or ambition. 

Anyway, below are my updates based on my 5 priorities in life that I blogged about, 2 years ago - H2F3. Things have changed so much since then. 


Never been better. I suffered from chronic gastric problems for more than a decade and have been taking daily medications for years. Many times, the pills were also not effective, and I suffered in pain. Therefore, I resort to the practice of transcendental meditation (TM) for relief. Since early 2016 until today, I no longer needed the medication and TM. Health has been fantastic, when I changed my lifestyles completely. All I can say is that, the less I am entrapped in the prison called “self” within this age and in this world, the more free and healthy I am.


I am still surviving pretty well in the same job of 5 years without much stress. That said, I continue to be humble and empathize many of my friends who either lost their jobs or received significantly pay cut. Those who were still in the jobs were very stressed too, from the lack of sales orders. The OSV and shipbuilding side of O&G market is still very depressed. In my opinion, I see no signs of recovery in the short term due to over-supply of vessels. Nonetheless, the production segments of O&G and other specialized shipbuildings, are really gearing for the upturn initiating from Europe.

These are the segments where my company is in. Our HQ in Europe is now doing so well that our sales target exceeded by 2x. Even for myself, I am near closing size-able O&G order to relieve some tension here.

Last year we retrenched many staffs globally. This year our order intake will be the highest ever in history, and we are busy recruiting hundreds of engineers in Europe. Our stakeholders and CEO were all so pleased. It is a miracle. You can call it pure luck or perhaps there is a mighty invisible forces helping. :-)

I almost forgot my log-in password for my trading account. I had not trade for a long time now. My salary savings were accumulated in cash earning meager interest. I am joyful and stress-free though. Portfolio wise, I will say more than 50% cash and 30% metals, with the rest in stocks and bonds. I am very comfortable with my cash and have no intention to invest it on stocks in the short run.

Overall, I had been still very busy in work with many outstation trips this year. Nonetheless, I still have sufficient time spending intimately with people I loved.


My family member grew as I added another baby this year. He is such a joy and blessing for the entire family. Now we had 8 in the family, with 4 children. Me and wife earning while feeding the rest.

Is it really stressful mentally and financially? For me, it is still manageable, and we wanted to have more if nature takes its course in future.

My friend who only have one is complaining how busy they are and how financially inadequate they are. Anyway, some people are always complaining. We should instead divert our attention to the positives and be led by positive spirit. Think about the blessings. Think about the love and joy. The right management from the right wisdom is important. Yes, yayaya, you always think about the money. This is what the world educated us to be. Anyway….. I choose to be otherwise.

Anyway, me and my wife visited a couple friend (Chinese) in their 40s, who had 9 children ranging from 6 year old to 26 years of age. They are not rich but have enough, and I did not hear them complain so much.

Nowadays, my family led a simpler lifestyle. Simple food and drink is good. I had been driving conti-car since 2008. Last year I sold and bought a 2nd-hand Grandis. This Grandis was scrapped this year and I bought another 2nd hand MPV – Estima to fetch my big family around. Currently I have no debts except for my property which the value way exceeds the outstanding loan. 

In my house, all of us displayed evidence of changed life including my Philippines helper of more than 5 years. We truly experienced peace and joy. With the inner peace attained, in some ways, we became the spiritual support for many of our friends.


Relationships at work place and in my social circle improved tremendously. It also expanded at a rapid rate for me. Many acquaintances and even enemies had become my close friends.

At work, I try my best to be self-less and help in whatever manner I can, including helping people who back-bited and back-stabbed me. I even assisted them in times where clearly I know some colleagues wanted to take advantage of me. This is until the point that they were thinking and they know that I am not “stupid”, and yet ponders why am I helping them without any benefits in return and without claiming credit from the management. This surprised them in a positive manner so that our relationships improved.

I am not bragging. It is just so not me coming from the Rolf Suey in the past. It is hard for me to explain to you. People around me are shocked also about my changes.

Do not be misunderstood. You may have think that I go to a particular nice building or place for religious gathering on Sunday or Saturday or weekdays and started singing worship songs, and listening to that one man preaching. Nope. I did not do that and have never done that before so far. It is just some supernatural forces transforming me. Again difficult to put it to words here.

My house or friends’ houses are regular gathering places. Or sometimes cafes, Macdonalds are places I met with friends whom we talked about life. And also because of the O&G downturn, I became the listening ears to many of my friends in the industry who faced problems in work and in family. During conversations, I will encourage them and ask them to turn their focus to the positive forces. They did, their lives improved, and we became very close friends.

Many of my friends also have health problems, and our meet-up and talks, plus their positive actions, also resulted in miraculous healing for them as I led them to the right path of life.


I still go gym, jogging, swimming and do my reading and writing. I enjoyed family time and time with friends.

That said, my primarily purpose in life is to be the channel, that the wisdom and knowledge of the truth can be brought into people’s lives so that their character, their health, and their relationships shall take a tremendous change positively. And this change must be evident to the people around them, experiencing the love, the peace and the joy wherever they go, in high spirits.

This is because they had expressed everything in good conduct, in love, in humility and in purity led by a seemingly invisible good spiritual force, so that they can put their trust in the invisible things of the righteous, and not put trust in the things of this material world, promoting pride and self-love which will come to no good end eventually. This is because the hope of justice for the righteous will always prevail in time to come.

Ok, enough said. I prayed for the blessings of love, peace and joy be upon all my friends and readers here. Bye. :-)


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  2. Hi Rolf

    You had improved the lives of many without any monetary ways, that should be the most satisfaction to you.

  3. Hi CW & STI,

    Thanks for the comments. Appreciate it. :-)

    It is not easy to touch lives of pple of today's contemporary society. Money and power are always the driving factors. Furthermore most pple believe in themselves bcos education taught us to take pride in what we do, have self-will and believed in ourselves.

    My fav chinese verse in the past is always "人定胜天” meaning human effort overcome God!

    Hence who will believe in me, if I just talk plainly.

    Normally it is with miraculous healing ability that I touched lives.

    You can be rich n powerful or have so much self-belief due to the success. But when it comes to incurable disease that have been tormenting u for years, u will be humbled.

    Now you may talk a lot saying I dun care about this dun care about that, n only care about urself. But in times, when u are suffering in the sick bed with no current medical tech able to help to heal u. haha... u will then think otherwise.

    This is normally the situation where I am used to touch lives as many had believed and received supernatural healing.

    Many things involved n not just talk talk n then supernatural healing...

    Of course, me and my family experienced a great deal of healing and supernatural events n even sufferings to bring up our faith, before I can explained to others..

    Long story... hopefully we have a chance to talk more when we meet one day...


    *Pray* Love and blessings upon you guys.

  4. As for O&G, the OSV sectors and the rigs i believe did almost hit bottom.

    For the production side which is typically called FPSO/FSO/FLNG, it is actually seeing signs of recovery because of the shortage of order placement in the last 1-2 years. Petrobras has at least 5 FPSOs already announced. And there are more projects to be announced in 2018 also.

    Therefore Keppel or SCM should see orders in this segment. But not sure if that is sufficient bcos traditionally the rig market is still the core for both Keppel n SCM.

    1. Thanks for sharing .
      Good to see you back and respect for having 4 kids!!
      Steady la

    2. Hi Sgd, tks and may you have many blessings also.

  5. Hi Rolf,

    Congrats on your number 4!!! Last time I read your blog, you just had number 3.

    Your posts have become more philosophical. That just means that you're becoming more enlightened!!

    Look forward to me enlightening words from your blog!


    1. Hi Naro, long time. Miss u, pal. Hope all is perfect. Nothing elaborated, but just finding the simple truth of life, which is plain and simple but yet not easily accepted in the current society as we were somehow “brain washed”. Hopefully it gives a diff dimensions to the blogosphere.

      Biggest joy of blogging is really knowing all u pple here.

  6. You just converted to a religion hah. U really talk like one.

    1. Haha.. nope. never converted by any religions. Many religion are just full of many rules and the focus often becomes you cannot do this, cannot do that, you must do this, must do that.

      But I think what we need is the correct way of life, express in truth, in love and in faith and good spirit. :-)

  7. Rolf, welcome back (to blogging) and happy to see that all your pillars in life are going in the right/positive direction.. oh, congrats to your forth little Rolf.


    1. Hi Richard, thanks and it’s been awhile. Hope u are still as carefree as ever. I love to be back in blogging but just that too many other things happening in my life at the moment. Thanks for the well wishes for my little one. May u be blessed too. :-)

  8. Hi Rolf

    Good to see you back.

    I read your article and sense really a happiness from within, something that you managed to compoundedly grown over the last one year or so.

    Hope to see you keep on writing and bless your latest addition to the already happy family :)

    1. Hi B,

      Hey hey hey. Nice to see you again too. Thanks for the well wishes. Similar regards to you and your family too.


  9. Hi Rolf,

    We r experiencing the same miracles, except that i didn't voice or convince anyone about the surge in positive energy.

    Good to know my 2nd child is same age as your 4th


    1. Hi FD,

      Wow wow wow. Perhaps can catch up one day and talk more. ;-)

      Ya, congrats on your second child.

  10. Hi Rolf,

    Nice to see you back again! :) Glad to hear that things are getting well on your side!

    Looking forward to learning from you in your coming posts!

    1. Hi SD,

      Thank you. I am grateful to see all you guys still so supportive in the comments' box.

      Hope that you will be better and better each day too.

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