Saturday, 8 April 2017

Three important traits that most retail stock investors need to have for good success

1st trait 

I remember in the last few years when I was really fervent into investment. No matter how busy I was with my family or work, I almost always will spend equal or more time and effort into learning to perfect my investment skills, even at expense of my sleep hours. 

This trait I call it "PERSEVERANCE" which is defined as "keep doing something steadfastly and does not give up". 

2nd trait 

Then the oil crisis struck in late 2014 and not only it affected my stock portfolio but also my career. Companies suffered and many went bankrupt. Stock prices were depressed. Worst of all, colleagues and friends got retrenched one following another. It was all depressing and one of the toughest career situations to face within the industry for many.  

After more than two years of crisis, I am still in the same company and same industry. I really learn one important trait, which I will never have learnt. It is to "ENDURE"! 

This trait is defined as "to remain in a very difficult situation and not giving way." 

In situation like this, no matter how much you preserve, or how intelligent or hardworking you are, it is futile. This is one very difficult trait that most people will not be able to have developed, if they are without the experience.

And the only way we can learn endurance is "to endure!"

3rd trait 

The last trait in discussion seems to be the easiest, but it is in fact the most difficult to perfect. 

It is "PATIENCE". And it is defined as "doing nothing without getting emotionally stirred."

Ask yourself when was the last time you can resist "meddling" with your stock counters and portfolio? Or does your fingers always feel itchy to hit the "sell / buy" buttons. You just feel so indulged in buying or selling shares, just for the sake of doing it, even at most times, it is entirely not necessary at all. 

Perhaps it is the obvious nature of our contemporary education that teaches that we always need to do something in order to have progress and be successful?

Rolf's final thoughts

Therefore, do not let problems crowd your mind, be it in investment or in your life. Have a sober mind, and when you face adversaries, be appreciative that it is a test for you, so that perseverance, endurance and patience can be developed and be perfected, needing nothing else. 


  1. Toughest is patience when we keep looking at market and charting especially for those who are strong on technical indicators.

    1. Hi CW,

      it is indeed for me patience is the most difficult. Remember not just doing nothing but also without emotional stir. :-)

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  2. Hi Rolf,

    Long time no see :) You mentioned the 3 traits of perseverance, endurance and patience. But how to cultivate these traits, should we find ourselves lacking? How do we develop them so that we can tap on these inner resources when we need them?

    1. Agreed with LP.

      How to cultivate these traits, should we find ourselves lacking? How do we develop them so that we can tap on these inner resources when we need them?

      We need someone to pen down their own thoughts to help others to understand as it is very difficult to express in words. Right or wrong. Never mind.


    2. Hi LP et al,

      Yeah, it's been awhile. Miss all you guys.

      I am extremely busy with things that is really all important lately and had almost put in 100% of my time other than family & work. It is just amazingly wonderful.

      How to cultivate them?

      My answer cannot be penned down here and it's better words spoken one day when we all meet.

      But it's really related personal experiences, what I went through. Perhaps supernatural and constantly seeking the love of the truth, more than the love of money to buy self pleasures or to satisfy personal ambition.

      The ability to see beyond just this age and not conform to the world and yet able to live soberly and righteousness to experience the peace and joy needed in life. And eventually becoming not just a blessing for oneself but blessings for many others who desperately need it.

  3. Hi Rolf,

    The contents of this blog post seem very familiar. I wonder why? :P

    Good to see you blogging again!

    Of the three, I think patience is the hardest to master.

    1. Hi UN,

      Its a good reminder that i should not neglect my blog friends also.

      Patience is most difficult, not to be mistaken by lazy, but just having patience alone also not sufficient, but all three are necessary.

  4. I think all this comes with old age. Wisdom comes naturally .
    But stubbornness also..

    1. Hi SGD,

      yes sometimes old age can be associated with stubbornness also.

  5. Rolf,
    In investment; I am not sure if all 3 really make equal sense, but in life, i certainly think they do!

    I lack patience too. But hey, having experienced 100% in the market and 30% in the market, I actually enjoy this peace with 30%. My winning counters are sold too early, but it is not really affecting me now.

    I think I will just let investment take a back seat in my life now, unless there is opportunity